Menamara -


IGP Terre Siciliane

From a selection of Sicilian native grapes slightly raisined on the vine, a red wine endowed with an intense colour and notes of ripe red fruit. Delightful on the palate thanks to its elegant freshness and silky tannins.


Bezeichnung Red
Rebsorten: a blend of Sicilian native varieties
Anbaugebiet: Canicattì and adjacent municipalities
Böden alkaline, medium textured sandy-loam soils
Durchschnittsalter der Rebstöcke: 15 years
Ausbildungssystem: renewable spurred cordon espalier
Rebstöcke pro Hektar: 4000 - 5000
Ernte: late September. Cane incision practiced ahead of picking, the perfectly ripe grapes are then left on the plant for a few days in order to stimulate grape dehydration and full phenolic concentration


Ausbau: on the skinsin steel tanks at controlled temperatures
Maloptische Gärung: totally carried out
Ausbau: in cement vat for over 6 months
Flaschenalterung: no less than 2 months

Gastronomische Empfehlungen

perfect as an aperitif enjoyed with cold cuts and soft cheeses

Technisches Arbeitsblatt