CVA Spumante 50° - CVA Canicattì - Vini Siciliani

Spumante 50°

This sparkling wine marks our cooperative’s 50th anniversary. A Charamat-method wine obtained from native white grapes appreciated for its freshness and citrusy, vegetal aromas.


Bezeichnung Brut sparkling white
Rebsorten: Grillo 80%, Catarratto Lucido 20%
Anbaugebiet: Canicattì and adjacent municipalities
Böden alkaline, medium textured sandy-loam soils
Höhe: from 400 m to 600 m a.s.l.
Durchschnittsalter der Rebstöcke: 15 years
Ausbildungssystem: renewable spurred cordon espalier
Rebstöcke pro Hektar: 4000 - 5000
Ernte: hand-picking at dawn carried out in the month of August


Ausbau: in steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 16–17°C
Maloptische Gärung: not carried out
in pressure tank, Charmat method, for 60 days
Flaschenalterung: for over two months

Gastronomische Empfehlungen

perfect as an aperitif and enjoyed with fried fish

Technisches Arbeitsblatt