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Diodoros: Yes News – 11 dicembre 2013

[:it]Su Yes News si parla del progetto Didoros di Cva Canicattì nel corso di un incontro con la stampa e gli appassionati. yes_news_11 dicembre 2013[:en] 

Diodoros: Yes News – December 11th, 2013

Grand Gold Medal to Scialo 2012 conquered at Concours Mondial del Bruxelles in the last days, is only the latest in a series of awards conquered by CVA Canicattì (wine cellar located next to Agrigento), run by its president, Giovanni Greco. The wine cellar is present as well as others at Expo Milan.

CVA Canicattì, an innovative and productive project with an ancient heart. A 40-year-old wine cellar which looks into the future under an optimistic perspective. In the heart of thousand-year-old Sicily, where the relation between man and nature has been originating  history and civilisation, CVA Canicattì carries out a new wine project based on peculiarities of a unique and extraordinary territory . In the sunniest and driest part of the island, in an area which nestles up against the territories of Caltanissetta and Palermo and which stretches out to the coast of Agrigento, the cultivation of vines has long been an important part of the rural economy. From generation to generation, man has modelled this agrarian landscape, transformed difficult soils into fertile and productive land, where the toil of peasants working in the fields can be compared to that of the sulphur miners. Indeed, the mines are another element of this Sicily, part of the myth which Luigi Pirandello and Leonardo Sciascia, sons of Sicily, have recounted to the world.

Nowadays, this cultural dimension belongs to history and delivers not only a productive landscape and an emotional and impressive scenario but also reveals a talent for cultivating this territory characterised by particular soil and climate conditions which can  really represent the new step forward for the quality of Sicilian wines.

CVA Canicattì wants to truly treasure this history and interpret it in a modern and strict way. Relying on a committed support of many small producers of the territory, this wine cellar –, as IRVOS commissioner pointed out, has been able to offer a new concept of quality in winemaking,  involving at the same time both traditional winemaking process and management and technological innovation , mandatory items to make quality and intercept market” Over the last year, an investment plan has been carried out  paving the way to achieve high quality standard in winemaking and a high level of awareness relating the uniqueness of this winescape.

Producing quality wines and  reflecting winescape embodying market

Every vinification and aging process is carried out with very strict attention in line with members’ work in their vineyards. This productive strategy is focused on quality and territory.

Vinification technologies for reds and whites have been expanded, integrating with two new pneumatic presses to improve quality of free-run must juice. Moreover, a new technological advanced bottling line has been included in order to ensure quality in every step of bottling process as well as a new line of barrels for aging destined to high quality wines.

Alongside the top wines of CVA Canicattì including Aynat, Scialo and Calio, there are also Centuno, Fileno and Satari and two other different lines: Aquilae  includes 4 reds and 3 whites meanwhile La Ferla includes 3 kind of wine, white, red and rosé.

The wine cellar mainly works  in Italian and foreign channels.