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Diodoros: Wine News – 11 dicembre 2013

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Diodoros: Wine News – December 11th, 2013

There is a wine that is resurrecting  thanks to  historical vineyards located in one of the most beautiful archaeological area worldwide: “Diodoros” “The wine of  the Valley” (press conference 12th December), is the result of a public-private sectors project involving leading key players of the territory.

There is a wine that is resurrecting, growing below the Temple of Juno, in one of the most beautiful and famous archaeological area of Italy worldwide. This is Diodoros , “The Wine of the Valley of Agrigento” , result of an agreement between the Authority of the Park and productive structures of the territory to recover the cultivation of more than 400 hectares which 120 have been granted to private sector to be brought to a new cultivation life.

A great example to know how to recover ancient cultivations safeguarding biodiversity can be a vital mean to safeguard landscape. This is a real case history,  a project shared by public and private sector with the purpose to safeguard and promote the land. It is possible to talk more in depth about it in the seat of Agrigento Park, 12th of December.

The project is the result of an agreement between the Authorities of the Park and CVA Canicattì wine cellar. The aim is to recover and  enhance the widest agricultural area of The Valley of the Temples Park-1.300 hectares- and the areas linked to a hill agriculture  drawing scenic geometries in the landscape, selecting the most adequate cultivations and at the same time activating economy. The purpose is to re-launch tourism in this territories affected by a true depopulation phenomena by using some unique traits to intercept a wide public from archaeological lovers to rural and wine lovers.

Project explanation will be up to Giuseppe Parello , General director of the Park, Giovanni Greco, Cva Canicattì president, Tonino Guzzo winemaker, Dario Cartabellotta, Regional assessor for Food and Agricultural resources, and Maria Rita Sgarlata Assessor for cultural goods and Sicilian identity.

The challenge is to resurrect olive trees, vines, almond trees and crops, joining public and private sectors to manage SMEs so as to produce olives, olive oil, wine, almonds, pistachios and much more. Moreover, close to CVA Canicattì, also “Valparadiso” (association) will be engaged in  olives collect and bottling process, meanwhile the Association “Mandorle di Agrigento” will  be engaged in enhancing indigenous almond varietals.

Moreover,  Fai and the University of Palermo have worked on a new project: “Mille Mandorli” planting 1.000 almond trees in an area affected by a fire. Soat and the Proloco of Favara have realised an experimental terrain for pistachio cultivation.

All these projects have involved other strategic actions for safeguarding the territory heritage such as actions for recovering and classifying the living green heritage, opening a laboratory for keeping GERMOPLASMA  of almond, olives and pistachios ( thanks to POR2000/2006 funds) as well as expanding the living museum for fruit cultivation of the island.

At the beginning of 2014, other hectares will be granted for social and productive purposes thanks to “Agri-gentium” project.

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