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Diodoros: Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso, 12 dicembre 2013

[:it]Il Tre Bicchieri, settimanale economico del Gambero Rosso da spazio al Progetto Diodoros di CVA Canicattì nella Valle dei Templi. Leggi l’articolo cliccando sul titolo. Nasce Diodoros, il vino della Valle dei Templi[:en]TRE BICCHIERI,

The economic weekly pubblication  of Gambero Rosso


Welcome Diodoros, “The Wine of The Valley”


A newborn wine with a thousand-year-old background. This is Diodoros, “The wine of the Valley”, result of an agreement between the Authorities of the Park and CVA Canicattì wine cellar, has been introduced to the public this morning in Agrigento.

The aim of the agreement is to resurrect 400hectares in this Sicilian archaeological area: from wine to pistachios, from almonds to oil and citrus fruit. Diodoros is the result of vineyards placed below the Temple of Juno; these indigenous vineyards fully represent this terroir: the heart of the lands of Nero d’Avola with their deep, alluvial, sandy soil.

The agronomic management of this area is up to CVA Canicattì supported by Tonino Guzzo ( winemaker) that has produced 6.000 bottles over this first vintage.

Diodoros is a blended wine of 3 indigenous vineyards: Nero d’Avola (90%), Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio, grape harvest 2012.

Sicilian designer Antonio Giancontieri took care of Diodoros label, proposing the image of a stylised doric column , chosen by visitors of the park and wine lovers.

However, the wine will be on the market in March, just the time for its aging and official presentation at Vinitaly 2014.

Nasce Diodoros, il vino della Valle dei Templi[:]