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Diodoros: la Sicilia 12 dicembre 2013

[:it]Anche il quotidiano La Sicilia da spazio alla presentazione del progetto Diodoros di CVA Canicattì, che ha portato l’azienda a produrre vino nel vigneto posto sotto il Tempio di Giunone nella Valle dei Templi. Clicca per leggere l’articolo: La Sicilia, 12 dicembre 2013[:en] 

Diodoros: la Sicilia 12 dicembre 2013. Debut in society for the Nectar of the Valley

Diodoros the Nectar of the Valley makes its debut in society, in a press conference with specialised press of 8 newspapers, among them Agrisapore and Cronache di Gusto.

Result of the first grape harvest 2012 of the Park, it is the high time for the wine of Gods, to debut in society. Tonino Guzzo (winemaker) will explain tasting and smelling Diodoros characteristics meanwhile Giuseppe Parello ( Director of the Park) will present the project based on resurrecting and enhancing the agricultural area of The Valley of the Temples which Diodoros project is an important part.

“ The wine presentation-Parello says – is part of the widest project “ Agri-gentium”, that gives back to people the agricultural side of the Park by granting lands to private sector in cooperation with association for enhancing product planning.”

The debut is also for the design of the label , a stylised doric column will dress the red wine produced with 3 indigenous varietals (Nero d’Avola (85%), Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio) cultivated below the Temple of Juno.

Thanks to Diodoros, result of an agreement between the Authorities of the Park and Cva Canicattì wine cellar, the Valley of  the Temples has a great potential  to intercept both archaeological and rural tourism lovers and  food&wine lovers, because food and wine have always played an important role in history.

Click on : La Sicilia, 12 dicembre 2013[:]