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Diodoros: Corriere del Vino, 12 dicembre 2013

[:it]Il progetto Diodoros  di CVA Canicattì trova spazio nelle pagine del Corriere del Vino. Nella Valle dei Templi un progetto che coniuga sostenibilità ambientale e cultura di territorio.

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“Diodoros” : The Wine of the Valley in Corriere del Vino website , December 12th,  2013.

Good agricultural practices will save the world, Good agriculture cam safeguard Landscape and Identity of one of the most enchanting areas of Mediterranean: The Valley of the Temples of Agrigento.

The The Valley of the Temples is not only the main  archaeological area of Sicily and all Mezzogiorno but broadly speaking an example based on  resurrecting ancient cultivations safeguarding biodiversity, a great model to safeguard landscape, a delicate system of tangible and intangible elements we would pass to generations to come. That is the ground for Diodoros Project, launched in The Valley of the Temples  archaeological Park in partnership with the productive structures of the territory to resurrect cultivations in the public areas counting  400 hectares which 120 have been also granted to private sector.

At the beginning of next year, other hectares will be granted as well as for social and productive aims thanks to the widest“Agri-gentum” project.

Thursday 12th December at 10.30 a.m next to the seat ( Via Panoramica dei Templi, in Agrigento) Diodoros Project  will be submitted to the public with presentation “ Diodoros–  The Wine of the Valley, the first important result of this project.

After the Park special commissioner ‘s greetings  and Giuseppe Parello’general presentation ( General Director of Valle dei Templi) , Calogero Liotta ( Manager of the operational Unit V of the park ) togheter with Giovanni Greco ( Cva Canicattì President ) and Tonino Guzzo (winemaker) will explain project guidelines presenting the wine that will re-launch the productive image of the historical vineyard of Valle dei Templi, located below the Temple of Juno.

Speech conclusions will be made by Dario Cartabellotta ( Regional assessor for Food and Agricultural resources) and Maria Rita Sgarlata (Assessor for cultural goods and Sicilian identity). They will underline the great cultural and economic value of Diodoros Project.

This is the way to make modern farmers come back to their countryside lifestyle, knowledge and manual skills.

That is the right way for the most innovative businesses wanting to take up the challenge towards future by resurrecting vines, olive tree groves, almond trees and crops once considered “precious gardens”. The challenge is to join public and private sectors of all sizes to produce olives and olive oil , wine, almonds, pistachios and much more in order to achieve excellence and economic prosperity.

The keystone of this new image of The Valley of the Temples is linked to the discovery of ancient cultivation practices and productions of the area: vine, almonds, pistachios, olive trees and all varietals that thanks to the combination of climate and productive traits, allow the territory to express the best by reflecting all their no-replicable characteristics which are part of all products “ Born in Sicily”.

An ancient agricultural history speaking about variegated cultures and historical dominations, from the most ancient to the most modern ones, with all their agronomic cultures and lifestyles. This is not the land of destruction, on the contrary, this is the land of growth, which hosts one of an unique biodiversity hub in the Mediterranean.

This part of Sicily, consecrated to Gods, is an agricultural living museum, a delicate balance that must be safeguarded in order to pass to generation to come.However, it is important to consider that this area is a good economic core characterised by a way back to countryside work with excellent and traditional agricultural productions that global market get back to demand. A new efficient dialogue between public and private sector .

Diodoros Project

Diodoros –The wine of the Valley is the result of an agreement between the Authorities of the Park and CVA Canicattì wine cellar. The agreement was signed in 2011, the first step of a great communicative project aiming to join public and private sector. The project aims to achieve, (among its purposes) resurrecting agricultural areas of the archaeological park and other areas linked to a hill agriculture, which has been drawing scenic geometries in the landscape, selecting the most adequate cultivations and at the same time activating economy. The purpose is to re-launch tourism in this territories affected by depopulation phenomena by using some unique traits to intercept a wide public from archaeological lovers to rural and wine lovers.

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